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Market Opportunity

Capital markets generally and institutional equity investors are more focused on large deals in mature companies, with smaller growth companies representing a much smaller allocation of investment funds.

Across global stock exchanges, there are a substantial number of small listed companies that find it difficult to access growth capital.

Capital available for smaller transactions has become scarce and traditional finance

  • has become less flexible
  • has become more risk adverse
  • requires a minimum transaction size
  • is time consuming as in depth analysis is required to properly understand a company’s needs and assess risks.

For institutional investors, it can be challenging to deploy equity capital in junior companies due to their size.

However, junior companies can provide outstanding returns when they can access the required capital to liberate value

Investment Strategy

RiverFort Global Opportunities:

  • is focused on filling this junior company funding gap – less funding competition presents attractive return opportunities
  • will seek to secure superior downside protection by focusing on investing in companies using convertible, mezzanine, senior debt, and royalty/long term income instruments
  • can help institutional investors gain exposure to junior companies by providing an investment company that can offer scale and credit-backed exposure to the junior sector.

The Company believes that there is a real opportunity to become a “merchant bank” to junior companies across a number of sectors, combining proprietary capital and structuring skills to create bespoke solutions.

The principal focus will be on investments of US$3 million to 10 million on a syndicated basis

Cash interest, fees, trading profits and other income streams earned are expected to form the basis of the return to shareholders by way of an attractive dividend yield and capital growth.

Riverfort Global Funding Graph

Investment instruments

RiverFort Global Opportunities plc is seeking to invest capital principally  through:

  • structured equity investment instruments
  • bridge loans
  • revolving loan facilities
  • convertible, mezzanine and senior debt
  • royalty/long term income instruments
  • project finance instruments

The structure of these investments provides downside protection, reduced volatility but with attractive levels of investment income.  In addition, it is often possible as part of making such an investment to secure equity upside through the grant of warrants in the underlying investee company.


As at 30 June 2023, RiverFort Global Opportunities plc had over £9 million invested in private and publicly-traded companies listed on AIM, TSX/V and ASX .  Investment returns comprise income in the form of fees and interest and performance upside that includes instruments such as warrants, conversion rights, royalty streams and operationally linked income streams.

Company Investment Income Performance Upside
Jubilee Metals Group plc Project finance secured loan Yes No
EQTEC PLC Secured mezzanine loan Yes Yes
Lions Bay Capital Inc Loan secured on a portfolio of investments Yes Yes
Linkwood Holdings Limited Secured short term loan Yes Yes
Artemis Resources Limited Convertible loan Yes Yes
AIM listed oil and gas company Mezzanine loan Yes Yes
AIM listed mining company Secured loan Yes No
AIM listed mining company Revolving loan facility Yes Yes

In order to source and structure such investments, RiverFort Global Opportunities plc works closely with its investment adviser, RiverFort Global Capital Limited, who also provides certain infrastructure and monitoring services in relation to the investments that are made.

Investments by RiverFort Global Opportunities plc can be made either by directly contracting with the company concerned or by way of participation in a linked financial instruments that provides similar economic benefits to the holder as if they were co-investing directly in the underlying investment.

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