Investing Strategy

The Company’s Investing Policy is to invest in the natural resources, energy (including power generation and transmission), healthcare, technology, financial services, property and specialist industrial sectors.  Possible investments could include companies, businesses, permits and licences, mining and production licences or processing and development projects, through acquisitions, partnerships or joint venture arrangements. Such investments may result in the Company acquiring the whole or part of a company or project.

The Company’s investments may take the form of equity, joint venture debt, convertible instruments, licence rights, or other financial instruments.

The Company will consider opportunities anywhere in the world, with a particular focus on Africa, South America, Australasia and Central and Eastern Europe.  Where appropriate, the Company is prepared to take an active role in its investments.

The returns to shareholders are expected to be by way of dividends and growth in the value of the Company’s shares.

Contact Us

If you have an investment project or wish to speak to us about investing, please email us below and we shall revert at our earliest convenience.

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